Lord Harrington Series

I first came across Jacqueline when I published a children’s book many years ago and was very impressed with the artwork she did. When I began writing my cosy mystery series, featuring Lord James Harrington, she was my ‘go to’ person. I wanted to create a brand, something that could be identified as part of a series.  Jacqueline took all this into consideration and, when I see the book covers in the series side by side, the brand is clear. You know that you are purchasing a Lord James Harrington novel. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a professional cover design. She takes your genre, ideas and needs into account.
Lord Harrington and the Cornish Mystery by Lynn Florkiewicz 



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Hi Jacqueline, The last one has more detail I absolutely love it so we’ll go with that one hun your amazing. Will you send me your bank details and I’ll put the money straight into your account. Many thanks much appreciated and lots of love. xxxxx

Besty by Mary Peters

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Interrupted Lives

Thanks – it’s really there now.

Interrupted Lives by Janet Banks

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Calling All Services

Hello Jacqueline, Lovely to meet you (digitally). Wow! I love the cover! It made me laugh to see the ‘thumbs up’ in the corner of the book. Great idea! What a surprise to see the image of Portsmouth on the back – love it! Sorry for all the exclamation marks but I’m so chuffed and screaming at my family to come and take a look, and guess what…they love it too! Once again, thank you so much Jacqueline 😀

Calling All Services by Tara Ford

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Stuff the Turkey

OMG! How do you do it? Do you have a secret pathway to my brain? You did this last time with, Calling All Services! It is exactly what I pictured in my mind – spooky! I LOVE IT!!! I don’t have a tag line yet, can that wait? Alternatively, I could add it at a later date. LOVE her boots! Thank you sooooooo muchly, Jacqueline.
From an ecstatically happy, Christmas-obsessed, turkey-loving-Tara 😀 x

Stuff the Turkey by Tara Ford

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Before All Else

Oh my goodness. Looks wonderful! Just had a brief look and it’s very impressive.
Thank you.

Before All Else by Fiona Holland

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Sardana Series

Hi Artwork Designer Extraordinaire ……………………………………………….very ,very excellent!

Sardana Series, Volumes 1 to 3 by Ray Harwood

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Hunterswick Green

Perfect, Jacqueline. Very, very many thanks. It is beautiful. It was much easier than I anticipated at the outset.

Hunterswick Green by Iris Lloyd

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Henrietta Trout, Golden Shifter

It’s lovely. Thanks you!

Henrietta Trout, Golden Shifter by Jo Sutton

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Story of a Secret Heart

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work. I absolutely adore the cover (as does everyone who has seen it). Hopefully, there will be a book two!
Thanks, Cassi

Cassi Ellen, Story of a Secret Heart

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Divorce and the Art of War

Hi Jacqueline,
Well the deed is done, as of 9pm this evening I am a published author!

Divorce and the Art of War
under the legal system in England and Wales by David Evans,

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The Girl who Ate Flies

I love the eyes – they are determined and just a bit spooky! Because in Bk 3 she is determined in more ways than one. I do like the red lips – oddly enough there is a line in the book where she applies ‘pillar-box red lipstick’, but maybe they have to go within the camouflage. I like all the colour schemes.

Linda Mitchell, The Girl who Ate Flies

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Haggard Hawk

Hi Jacqueline I think the covers are spectacular. So clever to combine the scratchy draft form and the ‘corrected’ version, as it were – almost as if it’s trying to put something right which Hawk is – but leaving you in no doubt that a real pro has worked on this. Maybe I’m being fanciful, but I think it captures him to a T. I only have one contribution, and it concerns which of the two to use for Easy Prey – red or grey… …Anyway, I’m leaving it to you. And thanks for such beautiful stuff.

Haggard Hawk by Douglas Watkinson

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Music for the End of the World

Jacqueline, that is wonderful! The bench stands out more, the wording is gorgeous (reminds me of fear and loathing in las vegas which can only be a good thing) You’re a star! I think it’s perfect!!! 🙂

Music for the End of the World by Michael Lindford

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Chained Melody

Hi Jacqueline,
I really like the cover, thanks. By the way, a publicist (not the ones I’m using) commented that it was a ‘very strong cover’ so I thought you might like to know that…

Debbie Martin, Chained Melody

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2030s Woman: Maid of Ice few dare to melt

Dear Jacqueline,
It’s good, very good. Yes I think you’ve cracked it…

2030s Woman: Maid of Ice few dare to melt by Roy Heweston,

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Shadow of Innocence

Dear Jaqueline, I like this cover, it gives a flavour of the story.. ..
I’m really pleased with this cover. Many thanks.

Shadow of Innocence by George Marshall

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FOXED looks absolutely brilliant! THANK YOU.

Foxed by Lucy Caxton Brown

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In the Shadow of the Bayonet

Thanks Jacqueline, I think thats brilliant!!
It doesn’t matter what I thought it was only a guide, but you’ve taken to the next level. I agree that it has enough in it. I really like it! Great working with you!

In the Shadow of the Bayonet by Chris Boult

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Out Of The Shadow

I like the connection with the original, like the purple,that goes well and the figure conveys the message – escaping from the situation / coming out of the shadow. I like the small insert of the original – nice touch, you are obviously good at this!

Out Of The Shadow by Chris Boult

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If Wishes Were Horses

Dear Jacki,
…It has been a pleasure working with you again. I love it!

All the very best, Sallyann x

If Wishes Were Horses by Sallyann Sheridan

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Unique but Similar – The Prisoner Compared

Dear Jacqueline,
Many thanks for this. Overall, I’m delighted with it but I would make two suggestions….
…This is splendid.
Many thanks, Andrew

Unique but Similar – The Prisoner Compared by Andrew K Shanton

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Poetic Stuff and Nonsense

Hello Jacqueline,
Thank you for your prompt reply to our feedback on the cover for my book.

I am pleased to say that I am delighted with the cover which I am happy to accept. The cover is now of a different order to the first one we saw. Thank you and kind regards, Geoff

Poetic Stuff and Nonsense by Geoff Bird

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A Donkey Up A Minaret (Marcus Moon Series)

Brilliant! Very happy with that so please go ahead.


A Donkey Up A Minaret (Marcus Moon Series) by Terry White,

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Soulful Living

Hello Jacqueline, having slept over it and looking at it again, I do like the design very much and want to go ahead with it. Just to confirm this is not for a paperback book, but a hardcover book this time.

Soulful Living by Claus Böckmann

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Poles Apart

Thanks Jacqueline, this is exactly what I had in mind!

Poles Apart by Chris Piechowski

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An Abiding Legacy

That’s great! Just what I wanted. Thank you… …Thanks again for such an impressive and appropriate cover.

An Abiding Legacy by Chris Piechowski

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African Approaches

You’ve cracked it now. I am more than happy and it is signed off as far as I’m concerned. Well done, Jo

African Approaches by Jo Jordan

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Shakespeare For All

I really like the cover you have designed for the book – and that is typically British understatement! 
One thing for sure needs to be changed though, and that is that on the book description on the back the title of the book – Shakespeare for All – should be in italics… …But thank you for your splendid contribution to the book.
 All good wishes, David.

Shakespeare For All by David Irvin

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The Eye Of Pholyphemus

Thanks for forwarding the new cover. It’s now magnificently scary and I’m sure will catch the eye (no pun intended) of any child. I particularly love the bloodshot bits and red veins! So as far as I’m concerned, it’s a GO!! As good as ‘It Stalks Unseen’ All in all, a splendid piece of work, and thank you so much for all your efforts. All good wishes, Jo

The Eye Of Pholyphemus by Jo Furminger

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Men Dancing

Thanks Jacqueline, I think it is perfect now! I love the red and the quote is perfectly placed. Well done! Again thank you for all the hard work and your endless patience. Much appreciated….

Men Dancing by Cherry Radford

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Flamenco Baby

I LOVE the font – the whirliness of the writing looks very Spanish…Yes I think the space at the bottom needs filling with my name. Good font – matches previous novel.

Flamenco Baby by Cherry Radford

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Vulpes Vulpes Returns

I love it! It looks great , thank you. I agree it is best to mirror book one. Could I ask, though, if the red could be made a bit darker – more like a wine colour? I feel the proposed red is just a bit too bright!
Many thanks,

Vulpes Vulpes Returns by Joe Golden

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Butterfly in the Blood

Hello Jacqueline Thank you ever so much for getting this across to me – It looks fantastic! …I want all my covers in future to have the same lettering etc – really love it!

Butterfly in the Blood by Danielle Carter

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Nine Lives

Thanks so much for everything, Jacqueline. It was great working with you.
Wishing you all the best in your work and in your life.

Ruth Brooks, Nine Lives

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Slippers in the Oven

Hi Jacqueline, I think this needs to be light. very simple, and designy – it is a jolly jape and a contemporary story. I know we will get there Jacqueline and I hope you consider this working WITH a designer I respect hugely… …YES! YES! YES! THANK YOU. Roberta

Slippers in the Oven by Roberta Aarons

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Journey of a Believer

I am so happy that you understood what I was talking about with only four poems as a reference point. I am very pleased with the end result of the ebook cover. I again would like to thank you for your talent on a project that is so dear to my heart. Please instruct me on where we go from here to finalize the completion of the cover. I look forward to working with you again on future projects. Take Care!

Journey of a Believer by Nicky Garlington

Energy Medicine for your Dog

I LOVE what you have done with the cover and think it looks really great – THANK YOU ….

Energy Medicine for your Dog by Madison King

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Greenwich Meridian Trial Series

Dear Jacqueline, thank you for the cover which is excellent. We like it very much and cannot see anything that needs changing. We are not sad to see the last one, we are mightily relieved. Now we can get down to selling the walk and the books. We need boots on the ground. Many thanks for putting our efforts between such attractive and eye catching covers.

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Greenwich Meridian Trail

Graham and Hilda Heap