Promotional and marketing materials to advertise your book on facebook, twitter, websites and offline…

Writing your book was the easy part, now you have to promote it. Good Cover Design offers the following additional design services:

Add a bit of sparkle with an animated book cover

Animated book cover design

Ideal for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Grab the extra attention, especially for your social media marketing. If you are interested please contact me for a quote

Animated Book Cover

Postcard Design

Postcards are an ideal way to promote your book to everybody you know. You can also have them displayed as a freebee in your local book shop, pub or any other place that is prepared to feature them.

Bookmark Design

Bookmarks are another way to promote your book. Those too are useful freebees for your local book shop, pub or any other place that is prepared to feature them.

3D Image Design

Whichever way you look at it 3d just looks better! Promote your book with a 3d book image to make it look like a real book! You need to provide the artwork unless I have designed your cover.

Social Media Header Design

Just sticking the book cover onto your facebook / twitter page might not always look best. Make the most of your facebook timeline header by having it designed to advertise your book in the best possible way.

Prepare your artwork for CreateSpace and Lightning Source

Struggling with getting your cover artwork accepted when uploading to Amazon’s CreateSpace? Or receiving the dreaded CMS__WAITSPECS notice from Lightning Source? I can help. All I need is the size of your book, page number and paper type (white or cream).